"A Shot of Johnny Walker Maroon"

January 6: That’s Johnny Walker for the Sun Devil Hockey second GOAL and a 2-0 lead just 2:30 into the second period! #Sniper

     Adjusting to anything can take time, but when you are making the jump as a goaltender in NCAA college hockey it can be even more challenging.  For Joey Daccord, Arizona State University's freshman goaltender the process has been quick and the rewards very beneficial.  After joining the Sun Devils as a highly touted NHL draft pick of the Ottawa Senators, Daccord knew the expectations would be high.  After nearly a full season of action it is clear Daccord has found his niche and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.


The Coaches Quote

January 6: Save of the night by Sun Devil Hockey Joey Daccord on a breakaway out of the penalty box with 18 mins to play in regulation!

January 6: That’s a THIRD Sun Devil Hockey GOAL give this one to... Brinson Pasichnuk his second of the night for a 3-0 lead with 6 minutes to play in the second period!

"At ASU we don't ask you to be a good student athlete, we demand it! 

With all the resources available to our students you have to try to fail! "

Freshman on Fire, Daccord Leads Sun Devils!

Sun Devil David Norris

"100 Gamer"