ASU ACHA D1 Head Coach Tait Green talks ongoing rivalry

November 3, 2018

A look back . . . .

University of Arizona

home, away, and third jerseys

for the 2017-18 season

Cat Claws... A Visit With The Hogan Twins!

     Upon arrival in Tucson four years ago, the idea was attend school and earn degrees, playing hockey was not something the Hogan's considered even though they had been playing hockey since age five and if not for the arrival of head coach Chad Berman after their freshman year they may not ever stepped on the ice  John began the process all so subtly working has coach Berman's stat man for the first semester of his sophomore year, while Toppie enjoyed college life and his free time.  Fast forward to the end of fall semester when John approached Berman inquiring to the possibilities of joining the team after break.  

November 3, 2018

     To say the University of Arizona is in their blood would be a huge understatement for twin brothers John and Toppie Hogan.  The two forwards from St. Louis, MO were destined to attend college in Tucson since the day they were born, having parents who were alums and a sister who preceded them to the Old Pueblo.  The difference was these two were hockey players and wearing the "A" on their jersey was not something that happened immediately.


ASU ACHA D1 Head Coach Tait Green talks ASU vs UA rivalry

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